May 17, 2012

From Amsi, with love

Be it the time you hit your face on the Luna while diving valiantly to take that catch when we were playing cricket, and you broke a tooth…

Be it the time you burnt your fingers during a flowerpot mishap that Diwali…

Be it all the times we played cricket inside our tiny little 2BHK flat, with a diary for a bat and the front door as the wickets…

Be it the times you took all the brunt of whatever mischief I had done, just because you were the older one…

Be it those countless times when we constantly fought over the phone, or that one single remaining hug-pillow, the twin of which we had hugged away to its ruin…

Be it the n number of movies to which you have let me tag along with you and your friends…

Be it letting me wear your clothes, even though they never fit me properly…

Be it the times we’ve fought over who will get to read the latest issue of Tinkle first, setting our own rule of ‘whoever sees it first gets to read it first’…

Be it the times when I finished off three-fourth of a bottle of Hajmola or a plate of grapes before you even noticed, and then you proceeded to count out the remaining ones and shared it equally…

Be it the way you always put an extra 1000 bucks in my account than what I had asked for…

Be it the fact that all the three phones that I’ve owned till now were sponsored by you, not to mention half my wardrobe…

Be it the way you call me Amsi…

Be it the way you yell at me for doing too much drama…

For all that and more…

I love you more than these mere words can ever express.

You are the best sister anyone could have ever asked for, and I wouldn’t trade you for anything in the world. Well, maybe for an iPhone. But we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it, ok?

Happy 30th to the strongest and most delightful person I know (besides me, of course).

Happy b’day, my dear chech.


  1. Oh, wow..that's such a lovely heartfelt tribute to your sister!
    I loved reading this..sisters are special, aren't they? Could relate to this in many ways..
    Happy Birthday to your sister!

  2. Happy Birthday to you chechi...wishing her the very best in the years to come :)

  3. Awwwww......this is so sweet! :)
    Happy birthday to your sister! :)

  4. You'll think of trading the person who gives you half her Hajmola for a measly Iphone? Tch, Tch, Tch.

    Happy Budday to Spiff's Chechi.

  5. Cuteness-overload. Happy Birthday to your sister! Tell her 30 is the new 20 :)

  6. Thanks so much amsiii....and all of you guys..trues wishes have led to the reduction of 12 months from my am back to the 20s :)

    Amsi - Just FYI..i wud never trade a half bottle hajmola for you...YES

  7. Awww this is soo cute..
    Happy b'day chechi :D

  8. awesomeness cuteness extra adorableness
    Dear god,
    why you forgot to put one sister in my life before me..?pffttt
    *showing my fist*

    happy birthday to your chechi
    she looks prettier than you..
    blahahahahaha \m/ \m/ \m/

    tell her i love her curls ^_^

    mwahhs :)
    cheers dei!!!

  9. Aww...this is such a sweet letter to the big sis from the little sis!!

    Kaala teeka to both of you :)

    Happy wala birthday to Spiff's sis *insert balloons all around*


  10. Really sweet.
    Happy Birthday to your chech!!!

    P.S:Now I am angry at my mom for not giving me a sister like you!!Who will write such sweet stuff about me while I try to drown the "gham" of turning 30 by drinking bottles of wine!!Why Amma?Why?

  11. many many happy returns of the day to your sis .. Wishing her a very happy birthday ...

    extend my regards to her..


  12. That is such a happy picture! Such sweet words, and wishes. I cant but smile wide at the sharing of hajmola :) How sweet and elder-sister like!

    Happy birthday :)

  13. This was sweet. Happy b'day to her. :)

  14. Lovely ode to the sis... she must be feeling so so proud of you.... Happy birthday to her.. :) and love and happiness to you both... :)

  15. Lovely ode to the sis... she must be feeling so so proud of you.... Happy birthday to her.. :) and love and happiness to you both... :)

  16. Oh.. nice read! :)

    Happy birthday to your sister! :)


  17. Aww...happy birthday to your sister!
    She'll love this one :)

  18. And I forgot to add...cute picture, your smiles say it all :)

  19. "Happy 30th to the strongest and most delightful person I know (besides me, of course). " Hahaha =D

    Wish your sister a very very incredibly happy birthday!

    Y'all have a blast <3

  20. @All: Thank you so much for the wishes. The lady is mighty pleased. :)

  21. Awwww..........that was so sweet!

  22. Tht was a beautiful way to wish her on her birthday! and the picture is sooooooo pretty! both of u luk amazing!

  23. Very very sweeeeeeeettt.. a belated Happy Birthday to your sister.. I share the same feelings with my only little sister and almost all those things you wrote - reminded me of my own moments.. he he.. I am the elder one and when we both were younger, I used to be the Hitler didi for her. .. bossing over everything she should do or shouldn't do and now, we can't hide anything from each other.. :) We still fight, though. :) he he

  24. Its so cute! Lovely tribute to your sister..she must be thrilled! :-)

    Happy birthday to her!

  25. Sweet post, Spiff :)

    Happy Bday to the chech n happy happiness to the Amsi :)

    very nice pic btw.. screams "mischievous!!" :D


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