February 9, 2012

Picture Perfect Experiment

Ok peoples, this is an experiment that I'm trying out.

Here's what I had in mind.

You see the pic below?

It's lovely, isn't it? Clicked by my friend Rohan.

What you have to do is, use the pic above as a picture prompt, and write a post based on it. It can be anything- fiction, non-fiction, poetry- your call. What does the pic mean to you- that's what your post has to be about. What does it say to you? What according to you, does it mean? Did it spark off a distant memory in your mind? It can be anything.

This is not a contest or anything. Just an experiment. And also a means to make people write. A lot of us bloggers have been dormant for quite a while, and seriously guys, that's not done.

Now here's what you need to do:-
1) Write a post based on the pic, and include the pic in the post.
2) At the end of the post, link it to where you originally picked it up from (i.e., if you picked it up on my blog, link it to me. If you picked it from someone else's blog, link it to that blog. That way, I don't hog all the limelight :P.Fair enough no?)
3) Give a link to the original source of the pic. Here.
4) Don't forget to post the to-do's as well (I can't really call it rules).
5) Drop a note or comment to the blogger from whom you took the prompt.

Simple no?

1) You can title your post whatever you want.
2) At the end of your post, if you've read other posts of the same picture prompt that you really liked, link that too.
3) Rohan did not pay me to pimp his pics. :P Promise. This happens to be one of my favourite pics of his (as a photographer, not a model. I have no idea who those two sitting on the bench are), and it's one those pics that screams out "This has a story behind it!". So I thought I'll make it a fun thing to do here.

And when do we post this, you're wondering?

Since Valentine's Day and all that jazz is around the corner, let's do the posting till end of next week, shall we? Say, till 17th Feb? That's fine, right? And hey, don't forget to send me the link for your post, ok?

If this becomes a hit, then I plan to do more picture prompt thingies. :) So I really want to know what you guys think of it.

Spread the lou, people. :) (I'm sorry, this as close to Valentine Day-ey that I can get)


  1. Because almost everyone is suffering from Writer's block, this indeed is a GREAT idea! And definately worth a try and its a great picture:)

  2. Nice thought and idea .. all the best to everyone ..

    I cant even think or imagine taking this on not that great a writer lets see .

  3. Nice initiative. I already have a lot going on and a lot of drafts. I will squeeze this too, but for that let the words fall into place in my head ;)

    I think it is a great idea :)

  4. aaaaaaaaaaan..me have no choice me know..
    me know u gonna threaten the life outta me if i dont give..
    so lady i shall..
    oww oww..u giving some prize for a story u loved??!!
    blehehehe..just asking...


  5. I wanna try too! Its a great idea.I will write one soon!

  6. My story:

    Scene I with pic and guy thinking: "Damn, I shouldn't have had all that spicy Mexican food....!"

    Scene II with same pic and gal thinking: "That's the last time ever to Taco Bell!!!"

    Final Scene with same pic and highlight - "Love... its when you share the same feeling together..."

    Happy V Day, Spiff!! :)

  7. i have one of my post having a same pic like this one... but i wrote it a long time ago and those are the only thoughts which a got again after seeing this picture..


  8. I see the loooouuus everywhere.. Super idea.. Good way to get rid of the cobwebs in my brain !

  9. You have recieved an award (probably one you have receieved tons of times already)But humor me. Check here. ajournalcalledlife.blogspot.com

    Yes. I would love to write about the picture. But I'm just not getting enough time to even think. May be I will sneak it in when my hubby and kid are asleep.. :)

  10. Hi, I came here via Sunitha's blog :) Loved the idea :) Good wishes to all who are going to do it.

    I loved the "About me" thing- Grammar Nazi? Finally found a description for myself too :) Thank you!

  11. @CD: Do give it a try. :)

    @PeeVee: Sooper! :)

    @Soumya: Yay! :)

    @Bikramjit: Oyi! What's with the negativity? Give it a shot na! :/

    @Keirthana: This is on till 17th, babe. :) Ample time. :)

  12. @meoww: Ha re, prize hai. My full lou. :P

    @Upasana: Awesome! :)

    @R-A-J: I KNEW you would write something like this! :D Adipoli!

    @sumukh: Come up with something new this time then. :)

    @Bhargavi: It's not the lou my dear. It's just a way to make everyone write. :)

    @Sunitha: Thank you so much Sunitha! :)
    And please do write for this picture prompt. :)

    @Usha: Hey, thanks for dropping in. :) And you're more than welcome to write for this post. The more the merrier. :)
    And yes, hi-faive Grammar Nazi! :)

  13. Whats with all the 'lou' and all? You turning mush too? :-) (yep, I sometimes have suicidat tendencies...)

  14. Nice pic.For a second I thought it would be your photo.Nice idea as always...

  15. It's a really cool idea..and my blog activity has hit the pits..this one's good to revive it. But I have only today, to do it! LOve the pic...I'll try my best :)

  16. Hey, I did give it a shot. I know its VERY VERY late but I tried. Giving you the link. Let me know if you like it:)http://pagalhainkya.blogspot.in/2012/02/picture-perfect-experiment.html Thanks:)


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