November 3, 2011

Eskoos me

Urban dictionary describes Blah as a word used in an after-sentence, when no one is talking, or when a person has nothing else to say.

Use in a sentence:-
I'm in a very blah mood these days. I don't feel like writing. Or reading. I open other blogs, read halfway, and close the page. I don't leave kilometre-long comments. I haven't updated my blog in almost a week.I can't think of anything even remotely interesting to post. I have about three-four half-done posts in my drafts, victims of my laziness and lack of concentration. In spite of having a holiday yesterday.

So ya, BLAH.

But then, just like a donkey sometimes needs a kick to start working, so do I (No connection whatsoever, I swear). I got some from PeeVee and Kalpak. Thanks, you both. The fact that there are people waiting to read what I write was the kick I needed.

But even then, I'm not in the mood to write anything new. I racked my brains, then raided my drafts.

I had written this post a few months back, but never published it. Now that I'm not on FB anymore (Yes!! More than a month and I'm still off it!), it really doesn't apply to me anymore, but at one time, it did. And I'm sure it still does to a lot of people. Some are from personal experience, some from observation.

So here it is. Add on if you have more.

You know you’ve got to take a break from the internet and your mobile when...:-

1) …instead of telling the auto-driver “Bhaiyya, u-turn”, you say, “Bhaiyya, youtube”. (I swear, I said this to the autowala. I'm not exaggerating.)

2) …your dreams become very specific. Instead of random visions, you see little thumbs-up’s, numbers followed by ‘friends like your status’, etc. (Kalpak, this is not exaggeration. Mereko sacchi mein aise sapne aate the, especially the day I had put up a new status update. And then I would wake up in the middle of the night and log onto FB. Teri kasam. :P)

3) …you have a brand new expensive watch on your wrist, but still take out your phone to check the time.

4) …there is a literal itch in your fingers to log onto the net every two minutes.

5) …you don’t have money to buy rice and vegetables, because you thought it’s more important to get your SMS and internet recharge done.

6) …you don’t throw a hissy fit when your mom tells you that your favourite white top is now yellow-blue-purple in colour because the maid washed it along with another dress that runs colour. But you sulk for hours if you’ve got only ten likes on your status or photo.

7) …you think the internet can give you a better recipe for cake than your mom can.

8) …even when you’re out having a coffee or at a movie with friends, you need to log on and check how many of your Facebook friends liked and commented on your status update.

9) …you would rather say LOL and ROFL than actually laugh out loud and roll on the floor and laugh.

10) …you keep alarm to wake up in the middle of the night and check whether your torrents have finished downloading, and then queue up a new one.

11) …you are constantly on the lookout for things that you can write about in your blog or put up as a status update.

12) …you’re on the net the whole day in office. On your way back home, you log on to the net from your phone, you know, just as a time pass while the bus is stuck in traffic. You come back home and you switch on your laptop and net even before you have a sip of water. Just before you go to sleep, you log on for one last time from your phone. What if something new has happened in the last one five minutes?!

13) …there is a voice at the back of your head that’s been telling you to give it a break, but you ignore it, justifying that the internet is a treasure trove of information, when all you do the whole day is Facebook and read blogs and play online games.

14) …you almost fell into a ditch and escaped walking headlong into a tree because you were busy chatting on your phone.

15) …you didn’t even hear the abuses hurled at you by drivers who spilt coffee on their shirts while putting a sudden brake to avoid ramming into the girl who was replying to a message while crossing the road.

So as I was saying, blah blah blah, blah, blah blah blah. Blah blah blah blah, blah.


  1. 1) wish i was der beside u. wud have pointed at u and mocked u right till ur deathbed.

    2) exaggeration.

    3) so..soooo true. i actually gave up wearing watches altogether. wats d point?!

    4) agreed

    5) seldom true

    6) no no. i love my shirts and t shirts more.

    7) very sad, and guilt-inducing, but true in cases

    8) yup

    9) i hate LOL and ROFL and ROFLMAO and all such other short forms.

    10) never done that. morning mein i check altogether. but yeah, when i find out the download finished long back and now it has started seeding, my gujju mind freaks out. "Seeding?!! No No. Stop Stop."
    This in spite of my download being unlimited.

    11) true with the status update man.

    12) indeed

    13) precisely

    14) i have almost gotten dashed by vehicles and dashed against aunties

    15) same as before

    hmmmmm....interesting post.

    Acha maalkin. hum kaa kahit rahi. diwali ka bonus to daido hum ka. tanik hamaar naam ko link-wa to laga do. garib ka jholi maa tanik readers aa jaai. bahut meherbaani malkin. upar wala tohaar bhala kare.

  2. hehe..sigh..i feel so sad that i am a victim of all these things..chae..yesterday only i slipped on th road and ended with sand in my chappals thanks to my extra eagerness to find out some weird dp my friend had put..
    Hmm..and so agree with that being so lazy thing..and being out of topics for thats why i came up with an extra random post yesterday :D

    sigh..its such a blah world :p

    cheers lady..:):)

  3. Haha. A few of them: True. :D
    I dreamt of a few comments on my post last night. :D :P

    Hahaha! This is so funny. :D
    The 9th point had me laughing out loud! Really. :D

  4. I read your post twice! The second time to make sense of Kalpak's comment. :D

    Except for the first, second and eighth point, everything else applies to me! Once my friend had to come on the middle of the road and push me, cos i read a text and started laughing so much that I couldn't move. Never texted while crossing the road again. :P

  5. I can totally relate! I'm online almost everytime I'm awake- I like to justify it by stating that I need the internet for my studies, research, projects, talking to parents blah blah.. but deep down, I know how much time I've wasted on fb *guilt attack* :/

    On the cheery side, funny post! Hahaaa- bhaiyaa youtube!! :D
    Also I was waiting for your posts tooo!! :)

  6. This is so much the frame of my mind right now! Blah mood! Haven't updated my own blog and left drafts due to lack of concentration!

    PeeVee and Kalpak are indeed updating so often that it makes me want to write but then my brain gives up to vain things :P

    I have left fb for good once and returned it seems I m again getting addicted and need to leave!

    I don't go on you tube much, but point 2 hi5! I have dreams of comments on my status! I once even dreamt of comment on PeeVee's blog (shes going to raise an eyebrow when she reads this)

    3.. I stopped wearing a watch altogether :P

    4.. Agreed!
    5.. thankfully dad pays for both :P
    6.. Happens when a cleverly thought status update or that pretty pic gets no comments :( :(
    7.. I dig internet for whatever recipe I think I can make!
    8..I keep wondering what happend in last 5 min i was gossiping with frens!
    9..I use LOL and ROFL most of the times!!
    11 and 12 : 100% me!!
    13: I think the voice is getting stronger :P :P

    So yes I think time to quit internet for sometime!!

    OMG ! This almost looks like Kalpak commented na ?? :D :D

  7. hahaha you actually said youtube.. heheh.. Okay so I've been planning to quit FB for a while now, but then again something tells me I shouldn't, so I don't.. And I've done the logging in every 2 mins, but thankfully that's considerably reduced.. I'm glad that you actually wrote, thanks to PeeVee and Kalpak.. haha I liked this! :)

  8. he he he .. nice one and the first comment by Kalpak is also hilarious :)

    I am thinking now what all points apply to me .. oooops what should i do now


  9. With the exception of no:6, everything else rings true for me.

    *cricket silence*

    So does this mean that I have to log off from the Net now????

    Oh shit almighty.

    Psst: Saw your tag posts but procrastination has hit me so hard I have yet to recover. I'm looking at you now for that proverbial kick in the "ass" ;)

  10. Now that I realised that I have nodding profusely for each point, I think I shud deactivate my bloody fb account too. But I am more addicted to my blog I think :P

  11. ha ha.. I was feeling a little blah and this post made me feel less blah-er:-) So totally with you on most .. I am keeping myself off FB too. Just was spending too much time on it..Its a relief to be off it ,actually !

  12. Some pointers have occurred in my life too! Especially, when one writes a blog, one's always on a lookout! I always imagine, "I can write on this and that and this and that" But when one sits to write, kuch samajh nahi aata! :P

    And if I don't get likes on facebook, dil hi toot jata hai! :P But that was a thing of past! :P

  13. You complain about having a block when you can come up with this ^ in the two hours it took for me to cat nap:P LIARLIARPANTSONFIRE!!!:P

    When us, mere mortals, have a block, we sit in front of the laptop and blink along with the cursor. Now, THAT's a block. HMPH.

    Anyway, about the post.
    1) You have GOT to have been my twin or at least my sister last birth. I think I have said this before as well. For I do 13 out of those 15 things on a regular basis, including the 'net is a treasure trove bit'. The ones I didn't? Sulk for FB likes and Youtube thing.

    2) You know what I did? I tried to CTRL+F my answer sheet when I wanted to find out if I'd written a point before, in the exam. Enough said?

    3)@ Maithili, what was THAT all about?:D

    4) Now that you get dozens and dozens of comments, aren't you motivated enough to write?:P

  14. Agreed on all points.

    To add another point to your post,
    ....when your finger remains over the F5 button as if it had been glued to it, to see if any updates come up, every second. (This one is especially for FB addicts)

  15. Also, wanted to ask you. My current obsession is reading blogs and trying to write. How come you find so much time to read god-knows-how-many blogs, follow them, comment on the posts and write awesome posts on your blog too?

    My 24 hours seems too little :(

  16. You call this a block??? Seriously???

    I was never addicted to the internet to such a degree but I do feel the need to check my fb account twice a day, at most. Apart from people showing off about their relationships or where they last vacationed at, there isn't much happening there as well.

  17. Jeez girl!Half of it sounds like me now and the other half about a me two years ago.

    Thankfully my phone doesn't have an internet connection and I am not buying an iPhone for all the reasons you have stated...

  18. Points 1 and 2 - Never happened. :D
    3 --> Ditto :P
    4 --> Trying to Control!
    5,6--> Doesn't Apply right now :)
    7 --> Not Staying with family. Internet is the savior
    8 --> Naah.. :)
    9 --> :)
    10 --> Haha...I don't even need alarms. Body Clock works perfectly fine!
    11 --> Ditto, May be :)

    You got the idea...right?
    Blah...Blah..Blah.. haha :)

  19. :) Yes many of them apply to me also, though I guess I am yet to reach the saturation stage...but I can see it coming!

  20. @kalpak: Link kar diya. :)

    @meoww: Seriously blah. :/

    @Anuranjini: Same here! Even I used to dream of comments! And in my dreams, all the comments were good. :P

    @Loony: I have got solid gaali from my friends because of this. :/ So I've stopped now.

    @nikhimenon: Ah, looks like you've caught on.

    @Krishna: :) Thankfull the auto-wala didn't hear it because of the traffic. :P
    And thanks! :)

    @maithili: yes yes! Kalpak's bichdi hui behen. :P

    @confusedsoul: Danx! :)

    @Bikramjit: So how many did apply to you? :)

    @Darsh: Ya ya, the kick will come soon. :)

  21. @Red Handed: I'm super addicted to my blog now. I constantly keep checking my mail to see whether I've got any new comments. :/

    @Bhargavi: Seriously, it's a big relief for me too! I channelize all that energy and time into my blog now. :)

    @Paanipuri Lover: Sacchi! If no one liked a status update or photo, tina dukh lagta tha, bas poocho mat! Now I sulk if I don't get enough comments on my blog. The cycle continues... :/

    @PeeVee: I didn'tt write this yesterday re. I wrote this long back but didn't publish it.
    Ctrl+F your answer sheet!! :D I think I have tried to Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V. :P

    @Keirthana: When your life revolves around writing and blogging like mine does, you tend to take time out. :) Soon as I come into office in the morning, I spend an hour at least in reading other blogs and commenting etc. Then whatever free time I get, I read and write. It's not that hard actually. :) I sometimes stop working midway, write a post, and get back to work. Deadlines can be pushed, but once a post-idea comes and you don't write it immediately, it'll go off and never come back. :/

    @AS: This was written long back re. The block is still solid, not moving from its place. :(

    @Blue Lotus: I agree. I lust after expensive and the so-called 'smart phones', but then I stop and think "Do I really need it? Will I use it so much?"

    @Kunal: I usually call up mom and ask for recipes. Phone-in cookery show. :P

    @Siddhartha: And once the saturation point hits you, then believe me, it will hit you hard. Trust me! :/

  22. haha :D and my chechi is back in business :)
    You know what, I searhed for 'How to permanently delete your facebook account' on google last month and did the required, I was so tired and irritated of facebook :D I'm fb free now and it feels so much better.

    My addition would be

    >When you start clicking pictures not to gather good memories but to upload them on FB as soon as you reach home and then wait impatiently for people to praise how you look.

    I'm a victim :D

    Do not stop blogging ever :) I love you :)

  23. Haahahahaha, a few of them - GUILTY! :D

  24. @Ayushi: Yay! Welcome to the club! :)
    I shall blog as long as my grey cells allow me to. :) Love you too, babes. :)

    @Blahblaholic: Hehe. :) Which ones?

  25. I am becoming addicted to Blogging more and more as every day passes. My damned company has blocked blogspot :/ Hence I added all the blogs to my reader. I can read but can comment only after I come home. And my bf says that I started the next bout of over-indulgence. :/ (I tend to over-indulge in anything I find appealing)

  26. I'm going thru this blah blah phase big time....I've got this doc kept with titles of my sonn-to-be posts which is running into it's 3rd page now and I'm yet to sit and type out any...argh...big time block I say...I've never been on FB so won't know much, but yeah nowadays I'm always on my blog at work...atleast that way I can get more followers if people get interested ;) know there have been times when i'll be talking on my phone and I'll look all around for my phone!!! Totally gone case I am.

  27. I guess I'm not part of the FB (Facebook Brigade). But I definitely spend my time on the Internet a lot and I may be a contender for #12.
    But I sure know lots of people who would qualify.

    And your post was really entertaining. And if you feel in blah mood , try putting it into poems. Poems come out really well if your mood is Blah enough. Personal experience.

    Take care

  28. LOL. Awesome!

    7 - Ctrl+H "Cake" "Biryani" . I was googling for Biryani recipes and finally resorted to "call mom"!

    12 - so true.

    Keep writing and you will be loved and followed forever by millions of fans around the globe!

  29. so i ain't alone in this..:-)good to know....i thoroughly enjoyed the post...

  30. hahaha..!! Done most of those things.. There is also this sinking feeling when you are in a place where you cannot access the internet.. Feels like the end of the world to me.. Nice post.. :) :)

  31. @Keirthana: That's ok. Some sort of addiction in life is good. :)

    @Pinx: Welcome to the Gone-Case club. I head it, by the way. :P

    @Sunitha: I'm bad at writing poems. I wish I could write them. :(

    @Vineeth: Oh I've left searching for recipes online. It's mom all the time now. :)
    And thanks! :)

    @Rahul: Thanks! :)

    @Arpitha: Oh yes! I've been through that. But now I feel very indifferent towards it. The only obsession now is blogging.

  32. 3,11,12,13,14. :P *hides face and runs away*

  33. @Blahblaholic: Hahaha! :D No need to run away and all.

  34. Hahaha.. cn soo relate to ur points, Spiff :)

    I hv friends who react to my stories by actually sayin 'OMG'!!! :)

    Fortunately or unfortunately, my phone is nt net enabled, but will b soon :)

    Awesum insights, Spiff :)

  35. 1. Like, really? :D

    The second one is hilarious. Thank god you said tata to effbee!

    And no 3., I think almost everyone with a phone does that!

    Nice list!


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