July 11, 2011

The 123432nd review of Delhi Belly- or something like that.

Ok, I know it’s been more than a week since the movie’s released, almost the entire country (that is tolerant of swear words) has watched it, and millions of reviews have been written about it.

So I figured, one more review won't hurt, right?

Alright, on to the review.

Before I start, I have to make two things clear:-
1) I tend to judge how good a movie is based on how many times I would want to watch it again and again.
2) I don’t say a movie is bad just because the rest of the world said it’s awesome and I just want to call attention to myself by saying something ‘different’ and ‘intellectual’. But then again, if I've heard too many people say that a movie is awesome, then I tend to lower my expectations rather than keep it high. That way, I don't get disappointed any which way.

That said, I have watched Band Baaja Baarat about ten times and 3 Idiots around 5 times.

I’m not sure whether I would want to watch Delhi Belly again. But I liked the movie.

(I’m not making sense to even myself now. Weekend-hangover. Pardon me.)

I liked the movie in bits and parts. I liked the comedy. I liked the casting. The fast-paced screenplay kept us engaged without too many frills. It's a crisp 95 minutes with no interval [ I missed my popcorn and flat Pepsi :( ]. The music and background score is mind blowing. It’s not an entirely new theme. We’ve had hundreds of movies with packages being mis-delivered. But ya, never in the history of India Cinema, was SHIT ever delivered to a gangster!

And that’s where the movie works I guess. It took some old wine, poured it into a new shit-filled bottle, and topped it up liberally with abuses.

The movie is bold, to say the least (Aamir himself asked for an ‘A’ certificate). The characters use abuses in almost every sentence, they talk about blowjobs and oral sex, give a literal definition of ‘fuck’, and are pretty much real life-y.
The performances are good, with Kunaal Roy Kapoor neatly stealing the show, along with Poorna Jagannath and Vijay Raaz. Imran Khan is good, but honestly, I liked him better in 'Jaane Tu..". Somehow, a cigarette looks totally wrong in his hands, and swearing doesn't suit him. Vir Das has done a good job, especially in the Disco Fighter avatar (the song 'Jaa Chudail'). They’ve shown Delhi in all its splendor, be it the dirty, almost-in-ruins apartment that the guys live in, or the upper-class society that Shehnaz Treasurywala represents.

Scenes to watch out for:-
1) Vijay Raaz neatly pouring out the shit onto a velvet cloth. (I swear, I retched at this scene. But it is brilliantly executed.)

2) Vijay Raaz’s crony knocking on the hotel room and saying “Sir, loondry (laundry)”.

3) A hole forming in the ceiling of the guys’ apartment when the fan falls off and the leg of a dancer upstairs gets stuck in it. The ceiling eventually collapses totally.

But after a point, the abuses start to get on your nerves. Girls who are touchy about swear words and stuff, stay away from it. (I, for one, have been conditioned over the years by many of my guy friends to adjust to swear words. My ears have burnt, boiled, rotted, fallen off and regrown). Don’t go expecting fine cinema. It’s crass, bold, blunt and unapologetic. There isn't even a single beeped out word. It definitely ain’t for a family audience. Don’t even think about going along with your parents for it.

It’s a fun film, a good stress-buster. It's got some holding-your-tummy-because-you're-laughing-so-much-it-hurts moments, some where you'll squirm in your seats, some where you'll cringe (like where they push a stick of explosive up a guy's ass and light it), and some I've-seen-that-a-million-times-before ones (wearing a burqa as a disguise). And it's got the classic Aamir "I'm different and so is my cinema" Khan stamp.

I would give it an 8/10.

How did you like the movie?


  1. I loved the movie! Dont remember having laughed so much lately!
    n the "Bhaai...ye toh tatti hai!" moment almost made me fall off my seat! :D:D
    nice review, lady :)...made me remember those scenes n grin once again :D

  2. Tell me this, why are their faces covered in choona??

    Lol, I'm sure there aren't any reviewers which don't strive to sound intellectual and are honest-to-good about what they see...

    And I loved the title more that the review:D

  3. I loved your review. :) very entertaining.

    I am yet to watch. I am pretty sure with the hype im going to be disappointed. hehehe! :p

  4. Hey Spiff, nice and honest review... I loved the movie.. India' fist attempt a raunchy humor.. n who better to bring it on than Hamara Aamir..

    I really liked Vir Das in the movie- I kinda like his stand up comedy (Russell Peter is God)so I somehow expected him to blow it with his over the top characterizations but he was surprisingly restrained here.

    A real good movie..somethin u cn catch up with ur buddies n friends fr a gud time.. Me went fr it cos I didnt get tickets fr Transformers.. but really loved it :)

    Nice one, Spiff :)

  5. @Indumathy: I swear, that scene is priceless. The expression on Vijay Raaz's face when he sees the tatti instead of diamonds!! :D

    @Priyanka: That's not choona, that's cement on their faces (or is that the same thing?).
    And pssst! Even I liked the title more. :P

    @Srinidhi: I can understand. The same thing happens to me too. If I hear too much about a movie, I'll be like "Meh. It wasn't ALL that good after all." So go with low expectations, and you won't be disappointed. :)

    @R-A-J: Hey thanks. :)
    They've done pretty well for a first attempt, right? Unlike other movies that try to sound raunchy by beeping out the swear words, this one is bang-on-your-face. And I really appreciate that.
    I've never seen Vir Das' comedy acts, but I've heard he's good. (Unfortunately, I saw his first movie, Mumbai Salsa. *shudder*)
    And no doubt, Russell Peters is THE God. That bastard is a racist and he gets away with it oh-so-charmingly. :D

  6. I don't know about the movie (because I haven't watched it) but the review is neat. Makes me want to watch it for all the moments you mentioned. Most people who watched it told me its worth a watch. Oh..I need to watch it!

    Whatever it is, I don't want to miss Zindagi na milegi dobara. Write a review if you happen to watch it sooner than me. Won't you? :)

  7. nice. glad you're the type to try things on the first time. we have to hook up for the next asinine one that comes out.

    let me check with the wife first :)

  8. @Destiny's child: Thank you. :)
    Done! If I watch ZNMD, the review will be here for sure. :) How can I miss the yummy Hrithik Roshan? ;)

    @Alan: :D Bring the wife along, I say! We'll buy her popcorn and nachos. :)

  9. Yet to see the movie..Good review,I know what to expect. :D

  10. @Blue Lotus: Thanks! :) Do let me know how you liked the movie once you watch it.

  11. Good review. I loved it's underplay. And the ending where typical middle class family is given the treasure,but its happily unaware of it. :)
    Waiting for your review of ZNMD.:)

  12. @Avirat: Sure! :D Will post it soon as I watch it.


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